Maurizio Casali
the creative soul of all the company’s output

Glass is the great passion of Maurizio Casali, the creative soul of all the company’s output. A love born at a very early age, as he himself recalls: “I’ve always been fascinated by this eternally crystalline substance. I remember when I was a child I used to draw on the steamed-up windows in winter, completely absorbed in creating transparency upon transparency. What I love and still find remarkable about glass is that you can first pause at the image, and then penetrate its infinite transparency”.

Maurizio Casali, CEO of the firm since 1982, was born in 1952 in Cesenatico, where he grew up and established himself as an artist. He began as a painter and later moved into turning vitreous materials into moulded shapes and curves; colour and etching were already features of his style.
In the 80s he opened his atelier in Piazza delle Conserve in Cesenatico: and here he began to work with glass, creating his own personal range, unmistakable in the originality and harmony of the shapes.
He created highly innovative designs such as “Albero”, and began to take on important partnerships with several architecture studios.
His work during these years includes the Hotel Valadier in Roma, the Ristorante Bitone and the Roxy Bar in Bologna and the Pasticceria Gattullo in Milan.

2006 saw the start of an intensive collaboration with Daniele Merini, architect and designer from Studio Mark Associati in Milan, with whom he designed furniture and structures, using glass as a true protagonist in interior design.
Since 2014 he has worked with Mac Stopa, founder and designer at Massive Design, the multi-award-winning studio specialising in the design of interior architecture.