Private projects
Villa Coral Gables
Villa Coral Gables Florida
Penthouse Chicago
Penthouse Chicago_ Illinois Project by Casa Spazio
Private flat Miami
Private flat Miami, Florida _ Project by European Cabinets
Villa Miami
Villa Miami , Florida
Private loft Miami
Miami-Florida _ Project by Mia Cucina
Leather District Project
Location: Boston's Leather District (Boston -USA)
Downton Boston Apartmant
Downton Boston Apartmant by Studio Verticale
Private villa Florida
Private villa Florida_ Project by Richlin International
Private home Matera
Private home Matera with structure in glass
Private house Moscow
Private house Moscow
Private villa in Moscow (Russia)
Private villa in Moscow (Russia) Glass lacquered fireplace / Curved sliding solution for walking closet, mod. color lacquered
Private villa Vancouver
Private villa Vancouver _ Project by Dolcevita
Private villa Moscow
Moscow _ Project by New Interier
Private house Italy
Italy _ Project by Showroom Le Porte
Private flat Italia, Italy
Private flat Italia, Italy _ Project by Showroom Le Porte
Private villa in Veneto
The only method and, at the same time, the only limit for this is design. In the space created by this solution, heavily featuring transparencies and swathes of light, perceptions of an interior and an exterior can be molded.
Private home in Rimini (Italy)
When necessary, this sliding solution allows the space to be divided or left whole using a four-leaf pullout system.